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Have fun. Enjoy a day with your family. And remember it forever.

Our portrait sessions are relaxed and unhurried. They typically last between one and two hours or until we are happy with the results. This flexible studio time enables us to shoot pictures in different clothing changes, with and without pets, toys and musical instruments. This is your protrait session and we would like you to bring anything into the studio that will help you to relax. These items will also bring a uniquely personal and emotional significance to your pictures.

Two days after the shoot your pictures will be put into your own personal web gallery. This enables you to share the experience with your friends and family.

All of the pictures from the shoot will be displayed in vibrant colour. A selection will be converted into black and white and different colour effects. Please let us know if you would like specific pictures re-touched into black and white or the bolder colour effects.

One week after the shoot we will come to your home to help you choose your pictures. We konw how difficult it is to select the best pictures from a shoot and we do this every day.

We will project your pictures onto your walls. This enables you to see your pictures at the print size on the walls of your home. This removes any guessing or worrying from your mind. All that is left is the anticipation and excitement of waiting for your prints.